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Lavrov Joins BRICS Sherpas for Meeting

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently took part in the BRICS Sherpas and Sous-Sherpas meeting, a gathering of high-ranking officials from the five member countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The meeting, which was held virtually, aimed to discuss and coordinate the upcoming BRICS summit and to further deepen cooperation and partnerships within the group.

As a key player in the BRICS alliance, Russia’s participation in the meeting was of significant importance. Sergey Lavrov’s presence underscored Russia’s commitment to the goals and values of the BRICS group, which include promoting multilateralism, upholding international law, and pursuing greater cooperation in various fields.

During the meeting, Lavrov reaffirmed Russia’s commitment to the principles of equality, mutual respect, and consensus-based decision-making within the BRICS framework. He emphasized the need for closer coordination and cooperation among the member countries on a wide range of issues, including politics, security, economy, and people-to-people exchanges.

One of the key topics discussed during the meeting was the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The member countries shared their experiences and best practices in addressing the public health crisis and discussed potential collaboration in areas such as vaccine development, healthcare, and pandemic response. They also reiterated the importance of reforming global governance systems to better address future global health challenges.

In addition to the pandemic, the meeting also focused on economic cooperation and trade among the member countries. The officials reviewed progress in various BRICS economic initiatives and explored new avenues for enhancing economic ties, including trade, investment, and innovation. They also discussed the potential for cooperation in emerging technologies, such as digital economy, artificial intelligence, and green energy.

The BRICS Sherpas and Sous-Sherpas meeting provided a platform for the member countries to coordinate their positions on global and regional issues ahead of the upcoming BRICS summit. The officials discussed a wide range of international and regional issues, including peace and security, sustainable development, climate change, and efforts to promote a more equitable and fair global order.

Overall, the meeting reaffirmed the commitment of the BRICS countries to deepening their cooperation and partnership in various sectors. It also demonstrated their shared vision of contributing to a more balanced and multipolar world order. As the global landscape continues to evolve, the BRICS alliance stands as a testament to the potential for greater collaboration and cooperation among emerging economies. The participation of Sergey Lavrov in the meeting further underscores Russia’s determination to engage with its BRICS partners in pursuit of common goals and shared interests.